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Oi Oceanology International 2018, March London Excel


B2B - Register now for your chance to meet and partner up for collaborative research on ways to beat marine litter - and at the same time help wild fish stocks to regenerate in a healthier environment for future food security.



What is Oceanology International?

Held in London, in its 49th year, Oceanology International has firmly established itself as the world leading ocean technology marine science exhibition and conference. Every edition, Oceanology International brings together the latest technologies and thought leaders worldwide.

Attracting visitors from a variety of industries, including oil & gas, marine renewables and maritime defence, Oceanology International gives the opportunity for buyers and suppliers to do business in one location. Oceanology International offers structured networking opportunities to help suppliers establish relationships and secure business on a global scale.






The amount of data being acquired from within the ocean space is leading to a growth in interoperable systems for ocean data acquisition, transfer, storage and analysis. Ocean ICT Expo has been launched, as a part of Oceanology International, to meet the growing demand and interest in the cutting-edge of marine and ocean IT, communications, satellite and data solutions.

The Expo is set to bring together 100’s of highly targeted IT and Data professionals looking to procure specialist solutions, alongside the traditional OI audience of 7,500+ people.


Increasing amounts of data acquired from within the ocean space is leading to growth in interoperable systems for data acquisition, transfer, storage and analysis. Technologies identified as 'most important in 2 year's time' by OI2016 visitors:

* Advanced Sensors
* Autonomous Systems and Robotics
* Big Data and Analytics
* Satellite and Communications





1. Registration | 1st November 2017 to 12th March 2018


Registration opens on 1st November 2017 until 12th March 2018


2. Set up a profile


Next you create a profile that will be visible to other participants on the event website. The profile should describe what you are looking for and can offer to potential partners. The sooner you set up your profile, the better chance other delegates will have to request meetings with you.


3. Request meetings | 19th February onwards


From the 19th February you can start to receive and send meetings requests to other participants who you would like to meet at the event. You have until 12 March 2018 to finalise your meeting requests.


4. Build connections at the event | 12th March


A few days prior to the event you will receive an email with your meetings schedule showing who you will meet, what time, and the table number where the meeting will take place. You can always check this online or via the app.




14 Mar 2018
Matchmaking Sessions
09:00 – 11:00
Bilateral Meetings | Morning Session
Matchmaking Sessions
13:00 – 17:00
Bilateral Meetings | Afternoon Session




For further information about this brokerage event please contact Tim Benzie or one of the co-organisers listed below:

Tim Benzie, Enterprise Europe business consultant

Tim Benzie
Greenwich Research & Enterprise
Enterprise Europe Network
+44(0)7392 081 282

Participants from outside UK please get in contact with:

DE: Jenny Dümon| P +49 431 66 66 6-8 62 | duemon@wtsh.de


The conference and brokerage event will take place at:

Stand F600
ExCeL London
One Western Gateway
Royal Victoria Dock
London E16 1XL. 



Catch The Next Wave conference 2018





CTNW is a prestigious annual conference that takes a longer term view of the capabilities that are shaping our future ability to explore, understand, exploit and protect the oceans. Historically the event pairs leading global experts to share latest technological solutions being developed to tackle related challenges accross different sectors and highlight potential opportunities for the ocean community to learn from other sectors. CTNW’s aim is to stimulate creative thinking and leave the audience buzzing with new ideas that might lead to new research and business opportunities.

Catch the Next Wave 2018: Frontiers of Exploration is organised in association with The Explorers Club

CTNW 2018 will examine the intrinsic relationship between exploration and technology, how each drives the other. Pairs of leading explorers and senior technologists will discuss role technology has played in man’s ability to explore environments on the seafloor, in the oceans, on the oceans, over the oceans and into space, as well as casting a look at how emerging technology might make ‘waves’ for ocean exploration, over the following decades.

As in the previous four editions, the programme of experts will engage the audience to consider opportunities for technology transfer from non-marine sectors into marine.


The CTNW Committee is in the process of finalising the programme. Check out the latest list of confirmed keynote presenters.




River Thames, London, England tug boat towing in the docks









Ocean Observation & Sensing

Tuesday10:00 - 17:3013 Mar 2018



South Gallery Room 5


Chaired by: Carl Gouldman, Director of U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS®), NOAA; Matt Mowlem, Head of the Ocean Technology and Engineering Group.


Collaborations, Regulations & Research as Aquaculture Moves into Harsher Environments

Tuesday10:00 - 11:3013 Mar 2018



South Gallery Room 9


This session gives a high-level overview of the challenges and approaches being taken to develop this sector. Chaired by: Lawrie Stove, Managing Director, Aqua...


Hydrography, Geotechnics & Geophysics 1


Tuesday10:00 - 11:3013 Mar 2018


South Gallery Rooms 7 & 8

Chaired by: Andy Hill, Marine Geohazard Technical Authority, BP Exploration Seabed 2030: A Plan for High-Resolution Maps of the Ocean by 2030 Rear Admiral Shepa...


Hydrography, Geotechnics & Geophysics 2


Tuesday11:40 - 13:0013 Mar 2018


South Gallery Rooms 7 & 8


Chaired by: Andy Hill, Marine Geohazard Technical Authority, BP Exploration Depths of Confusion – Managing Vertical Reference Surfaces in Offshore Survey and P...


Is This the Future of Offshore Fish Farms?


Tuesday11:45 - 12:5013 Mar 2018


South Gallery Room 9

Discover some of the emerging bigger and smaller solutions for operating aquaculture in more exposed environments and even more novel projects for subsea cultivation


Unmanned Multi-Vehicle Collaboration: Maritime Security Applications


Tuesday13:00 - 14:3013 Mar 2018


South Gallery Rooms 3 & 4

Chaired by: Steve Hall - CEO of SUT Autonomous Docking Station for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles. Christophe Bouchet, Marketing Manager, Naval Group (invited) ...


Equipment and Services for a Developing Offshore Aquaculture Sector


Tuesday13:45 - 15:3013 Mar 2018


South Gallery Room 9

Learn about recent developments in equipment and services that are available to facilitate aquaculture in more exposed environments. Chaired by: Lawrie Stove


Hydrography, Geotechnics & Geophysics 3


Tuesday14:15 - 15:4013 Mar 2018


South Gallery Rooms 7 & 8

Chaired by: Andy Hill, Marine Geohazard Technical Authority, BP Exploration & Richard Salisbury, Senior Consultant, Fugro GeoConsulting Submarine Slope Instability


Industry Applications for Unmanned Vehicles


Tuesday15:00 - 17:0013 Mar 2018


South Gallery Rooms 3 & 4

Chaired by: Dan Hook, Managing Director, ASV Global Expanded Underwater Robotics Ready for Oil SpillJavier Gilabert, Profesor, Technical University of Cartagen...


Monitoring Technology for Offshore Aquaculture


Tuesday15:45 - 17:1013 Mar 2018


South Gallery Room 9

New technology is being deployed at an increasing scale of operation. This will require monitoring from both an industry and regulator's perspective to ensure s...


Hydrography, Geotechnics & Geophysics 4


Tuesday16:00 - 17:3013 Mar 2018


South Gallery Rooms 7 & 8

Chaired by: Andy Hill, Marine Geohazard Technical Authority, BP Exploration & Richard Salisbury, Senior Consultant, Fugro GeoConsulting The Diary of a Geotechnician

Unmanned Multi-Vehicle Collaboration: Ocean Mapping & Monitoring Applications


Wednesday10:00 - 12:0014 Mar 2018


South Gallery Rooms 3 & 4

Chaired by: Prof Russell Wynn, Chief Scientist, Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems, National Oceanography Centre (NOC) A New Paradigm for Seabed Mapping.


Delivering Efficiencies Across the Offshore Oil & Gas Life Cycle


Wednesday10:00 - 17:0014 Mar 2018



South Gallery Rooms 7 & 8

Chaired by: Christopher Curran, Senior Consultant, CJC Enterprises and Steve Barrett, Senior Vice President - Business Development, Oceaneering

Underwater Imaging & Metrology


Wednesday10:00 - 15:5014 Mar 2018



South Gallery Room 5

Chaired by: Simon Waterfield - Head of Survey Support Group at Sonardyne & Blair Cunningham - President of Technology & Divisional CEO of Coda Octopus Products


Ocean Information & Communications Technology


Wednesday10:00 - 17:1514 Mar 2018



South Gallery Room 9

Chaired by: Nick Lambert, Maritime Domain Expert, Satellite Applications Catapult; Dr Clare Postlethwaite, Coordinator of the Marine Environmental Data and Info...


Expanding Capabilities of Unmanned Vehicles


Wednesday13:00 - 14:4014 Mar 2018


South Gallery Rooms 3 & 4

Chaired by: Prof Russell Wynn, Chief Scientist, Marine Autonomous and Robotic Systems, National Oceanography Centre Current AUV Developments at the NOC.


Unmanned Vehicles: Communications & Data


Wednesday15:00 - 16:0014 Mar 2018


South Gallery Rooms 3 & 4

Chaired by: Dan Hook, Managing Director, ASV Global Inside Mission Control – Challenges of Over-the-Horizon AutonomyJames Cowles, Commercial Technical Sales.


Surface Navigation & Positioning: Modern Issues… Modern Solutions


Thursday10:00 - 12:1015 Mar 2018


South Gallery Rooms 3 & 4

This session looks at how modern satellite navigation and positioning systems can be impacted by current issues and describes some potential solutions

Marine Renewables


Thursday10:00 - 16:0015 Mar 2018


outh Gallery Rooms 7 & 8

Chaired by: Dr Zoe Roberts, Senior Metocean Analyst, Vattenfall Wind Power (UK) and Dr Stephen Wyatt, Research & Disruptive Innovation Director, Offshore Renewables


Subsea Acoustic Positioning: Let Battle Commence


Thursday13:15 - 15:0015 Mar 2018


South Gallery Rooms 3 & 4

This session focusses on different acoustic network positioning strategies and how integration and augmentation technologies are improving the way we view the sea





CTNW 2018: Frontiers of Exploration will take place at ExCeL London, from 09:30-17:00 on the 15th of March, as part Oceanology International 2018 Exhibition & Conference, the world’s leading exhibition and conference for ocean technology and marine science.


Registration for CTNW 2018 will cost £100+VAT and can be booked via the Oceanology International registration page.




Ellen Burgess - Conference Manager
Tel: +44 (0)20 8439 5420


Claire Martin - Conference Executive
Tel: +44 (0)20 8439 5676



Cleaner Ocean Foundation conservation consultant Nelson Kay


CONSERVATION CONSULTANT - The Cleaner Ocean Foundation is represented by Nelson Kay on the 14th of March 2018. He will be there to explain how SeaVax works and the potential future applications toward ocean regeneration and reduced marine litter. A SeaVax ocean cleanup programme may be implemented at vastly reduced cost using portable shipyards to mass produce and service regeneration vessels in countries that do not have budget boat yards on the scale that would be required. To now, large portable dockyards have been unavailable. As part of the SeaVax project an AmphiMax will be prototyped.



Welcome to ExCel London world leading events





The building of London’s Royal Docks introduced a new world of commerce to the capital.


The Royal Victoria Dock is the largest of three docks in the Royal Docks of east London, now part of the redeveloped Docklands. The dock area has experienced major redevelopment under the London Docklands Development Corporation. The dock itself still exists and is accessible to ships, although its western entrance has been filled in and it is now used chiefly for watersports. Its transport links have been greatly improved with new roads and Docklands Light Railway lines running along both its north and south side.

Most of the original warehouses have been demolished but the historic 19th century K-S and W Warehouses – both listed buildings – have survived.

The dock is dominated by the ExCeL Exhibition Centre, constructed on the north quayside and opened in November 2000, and by the adjacent high level Royal Victoria Dock Bridge. The waterside location of ExCel is used to its advantage when it hosts the annual London Boat Show, with visiting vessels moored alongside the exhibition centre.





The docks drew produce and people from all over the world; they survived the bombings of World War II but the final challenge was the creation of containerised cargo.

This far more efficient method of moving goods required much larger ships that could not navigate down as far as the Royal Docks. Gradually the Royal Docks business fell into decline. Despite the difficulties, they survived longer than any other upstream docks finally closing to commercial traffic in 1981.

ExCeL London has been at the forefront of the regeneration. ExCeL is helping to bring trade and industry to the docks, generating over £2.3 billion of economic impact for the British economy.


ExCeL London
One Western Gateway
Royal Victoria Dock, London
E16 1XL


Tel: +44 (0)20 7069 5000

Email: info@excel.london








Reed Exhibitions Limited
Gateway House, 28 The Quadrant
Richmond, Surrey, TW9 1DN
United Kingdom

Company No: 678540
VAT No: GB 232 4004 20

+44 (0)20 8271 2133
































Register for B2B matchmaking at Oceanology International 2018


B2B - This is a chance for business and technology partners in one day at the fabulous London Excel. There is ample parking for visitors in the underground parks.




Oi AMERICA - The world's leading forum for marine science and ocean technology will be back in San Diego for 2019

The Oceanology International portfolio offers world leading events where industry, academia and governments share knowledge and connect with the marine science and ocean technology communities.

This three-day conference and exhibition is broadening its emphasis and appeal across the Americas, now connecting more stakeholders from across North America with their counterparts and customers in Latin America and the Caribbean. The newly branded Oceanology International Americas, will return to the San Diego Convention Centre from 25-27 February 2019.

Oceanology International Americas is a world-class exhibition and conference to help organisations reach buyers from key market regions and sectors across North & South America and the Caribbean helping them improve their strategies for measuring, developing, protecting and operating in the world’s oceans.







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