WARNING: Do not sign a non disclosure agreement with any MOD contractor and do not reveal any sensitive part of your technology to them in the belief that they would honour that agreement. All being fair in love and war, the Ministry of Defence and their contractors apply that ideal on a daily basis in the hope of gaining the upper hand. The rules of war give them carte blanche to do what they want and get away with it. These observations may not apply to Catapult or the UK Space Agency.



The Cleaner Ocean Foundation is too small an entity to be included in any bid led by BAE. In addition, the MOD operate discriminatory policies that we feel would prevent us working with them. Not only that but our Foundation is striving for a peaceful world where everyone is equal and there is energy and food for all, where by definition military progress is all about not sharing technology and stealing it from others where they can. All is fair in love a war.


There must be another civil route to funding satellite development where the military are precluded. If as it appears this may not be the case, then Parliament should address the situation at the earliest opportunity.




The Ministry of Defence (MOD) and the Government recognise that the technology currently being developed is critical to their programmes and have set a target of 25% of all contracts to be awarded to SME’s. Unfortunately, the Government and the MOD have difficulty engaging with SME in an effective way. The existing governance and policy restrict innovation for Space sector SMEs which prohibit them to take advantage of the opportunities within the Space Defence market.

BAE Systems recognise the challenge and will aim to overcome this barrier by mediating between the two positions. They will do this not as a space prime but as an enabler into the space defence market. BAE Systems will offer a holistic partnership at development stage as well as be an enabler to provide an exploitation route to deployment into the MOD and the Space Defence market.


BAE Systems will work with SMEs on the day to develop ideas to solve problems in 8 “challenge areas”. These topics will be drawn from both customer requirements and technology exploitation opportunities and may include:

* Exploiting TTCP
* Exploiting Space Power
* Large Deployable Antennas
* Networking Microsatellites
* Radiation Hardened Components
* Monitoring of Geostationary Satellites
* DSTL Affordable Space
* Contracting Challenges

Attendees can submit their ideas throughout the course of the day, and BAE Systems will review each in terms of the technology, route to exploitation and customer appetite. BAE Systems will look to take promising ideas forward, working with the SME to help them develop and exploit their ideas and gain access to the larger customers.

BAE Systems support will begin with a technical evaluation of your idea, and may also include:

* Experimental evaluation (at laboratory scale)
* Initial demonstration using BAE Systems Technology and Satellite enabled solutions
* Exploring potential production mechanisms
* Early-stage prototyping
* Product development planning
* Intellectual property protection


SMEs in the space sector were encouraged to attend this event to become a stakeholder in the Space Defence market. The benefits to attending this event were said to include:


* The chance to understand a range of industry problems and challenges, and collaborate with other SMEs and BAE Systems experts to generate innovating solutions.

* Future support from BAE Systems as an enabler into the space defence market.

* Potential for partnership with BAE Systems at the development stage and guidance towards an exploitation route to deployment.

* Engagement with the relevant space sector contacts in the Ministry of Defence, Joint Forces Command and Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL).

Event Activities include:

a/ BAE Systems and the Satellite Applications Catapult will host 8 facilitated stations presenting a Customer challenge or Technology Exploitation challenge.

b/ Attendees will visit each station in structured sessions to collaborate with facilitators and other attendees, to discuss and propose solutions to real-world problems.

c/ Any ideas generated will be reviewed by BAE Systems with a view to working alongside the SME to mature the ideas, find a route to exploitation and enable access to the market.

d/ Introduction to BAE Systems and their Space Market

e/ Presentation from MOD who will contribute a challenge as well as detail key information about DSTL programs and how the SMEs can enhance their involvement.

f/ Presentation by UKSPACE.

g/ Networking event to talk to other SMEs and return to challenge stations for further discussion.


BAE Systems will create opportunities within the Space and Defence markets for SMEs to exploit their ideas and access government customers, for the benefit of the industry as a whole. BAE Systems hope to be able to take any collaborative proposals to the customer for funding consideration within 6 to 12 months of the event.


Registration for this event is now closed.

If you would like to get in touch for more information email:




IT'S NOT WHAT IT SEEMS - It's actually a trap to lure unsuspecting entrepreneurs and researchers into spending time on an application where not only do you not have a chance of success, but very possibly you'll be tricked into giving your ideas away for nothing.





The Catapult issues invitations to tender or requests for expressions of interest on this page. This includes opportunities to exploit the R&D we have developed. Click on the links below to see what opportunities are currently available:


Satellite Applications for AgriTech Business Acceleration Programme


This programme is an opportunity for you to grow your business with access to funding and support to expand your reach in the UK and Chinese markets. It is a collaborative effort between the 11th China UK Entrepreneurship Competition and the Satellite Applications Catapult offering between £200,000 – £1 million in investment to companies within the Catapult network from the China UK Enterprise Fund.


Makerspace for 5G and Satellite (Artes at 3A.096)


The objective of the activity is to deliver rapidly small proof of concepts, which are using emerging 5G concepts and technologies for satellite communications. The deliverables of this activity will be hardware prototypes and software demonstrators, which will validate the use of technologies in a satellite context.






The In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) Programme offers opportunities to develop a bespoke mission to test new commercial satellite products or services. Missions 1-4 offer a CubeSat and launch from the ISS, along with operational and business support.




IOD-5 offered the opportunity for a flexible size and launch platform. Applications for this mission have now closed, but information on the mission can still be found on the above link.



IOD-6 is a new opportunity to trial your service using a larger 6U CubeSat platform in a diverse range of orbits. The deadline for registering your interest is Friday 20 July.


Licensing the Data Visualisation Platform


We have developed a visualisation platform for the use of urban change detection. We are offering the opportunity to license this software for use in international markets.




Open Source Data Processing


We have developed free open source (FOS) code which can help you process large datasets, such as GeoTIFF image files, more quickly and using computers with less powerful processors.


Sentinel Data Access Service (SEDAS) 


The Sentinel Data Access Service (SEDAS) is an online portal enabling end-users to search and download data from Sentinel-1 & Sentinel-2 satellites.




COSMO-SkyMed Radar Science and Innovation Research (CORSAIR) Programme


The Satellite Applications Catapult announces an opportunity for project teams to conduct scientific and application development research projects in the Earth Observation (EO) domain exploiting COSMO-SkyMed products.


Researchers in Residence


The Catapult Researchers in Residence (RIR) programme is designed to enable leading academics to spend research visits in one or more Catapult centres




Westcott Business Incubation Centre


The Westcott Business Incubation Centre, located on the Westcott Venture Park, Buckinghamshire, is now welcoming applications. Their mission is to encourage the development of new companies working in the strategic growth areas of rocket propulsion, 5G communications, drones and other autonomous systems.


Scottish Space Incubation Programme


If you are a start-up focused on or linked to the space sector, or have a business idea that uses space data, you could consider applying for the Scottish Space Incubation Programme.


ESA BIC Harwell


ESA BIC Harwell provides a unique opportunity to access world class scientific facilities and research. It is now located over 3 world leading science, technology and business campuses, with sites in Harwell, Daresbury in Cheshire and Edinburgh. Harwell Campus alone is home to more than 6,000 researchers, engineers and innovators from over 225 high-tech organisations, and a focal point and cluster for the UK’s rapidly growing high-tech space community.




ESA InCubed


The Catapult is looking for entities willing to prime proposals in response to ESA’s release of the InCubed Element APO. We can support on many activities, outlined in the full details of the opportunity.


Innovate UK Current Funding Opportunities


Innovate UK Good Application Guide


KTN Current Funding Opportunitites




Provision of Land Cover Classification Maps


The Catapult requires a vendor to supply a minimum of 32 land cover classification (LCC) maps over the department of Antioquia, Colombia until the end of March 2012.




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