Our unique research is dependent on your help. At the time of writing we are the only organization in the world that is developing a system to remove micro plastics from the open ocean. We have published a 10 year plan, the first year of which is most of the R&D on the micro plastic separation system for which we need to raise around $1.1 million dollars to cover an estimate 12 months of development testing. This development cannot begin until we have reached at least half of this target figure to be able to provide a level of security to our research staff.


Our ocean cleaning ships will have three stages of filtration, where the final stage identifies and protects micro organisms, only removing micro plastics. In addition, a final check on the water being returned to the sea confirms to a SeaVax vessel and command HQ as to the efficiency of filtration of each SeaVax asset deployed.


We also attend events to show our work and increase awareness of the plastic issue, including updating world leaders in the hope of creating a World Ocean Anti-Plastic Alliance to replace the Global Ocean Commission that faded into obscurity a few years ago.


We are not eligible for UK Government or European Union Horizon 2020 or similar calls for research proposals because of our not for profit status and our charitable objectives. You can read more about why concerns such as ours are effectively barred from European Commission funding here. We do not make the rules and we have raised our concerns with the G20 and the appropriate European Commissioners. We may need people powered research to stand in where governments fear to tread.




BIO ENGINEERING - Helping us to provide energy from wind turbines for SeaVax in 2019, Lolita is designing a test rig for a Ford Transit, that is destined for a floating coastal rig in 2020, subject to funding.




OCEAN EXPERT - On all things ocean, Emily was helping the Cleaner Ocean Foundation (in 2018) fine tune SeaVax for eventual development in the English Channel before launching onto the international stage with free licenses to partners worldwide as part of a World Ocean Anti-plastic Alliance (WOAA).



At the moment we can only accept donations made by way of cheques or money transfers made directly to our bank account. We are a not for profit concern with charitable objects, meaning that all corporate contributions should be 100% tax deductible.


As to government funding, a small not for profit concern like the Foundation is left out in the cold somewhat, because we do not have a profit motive. Nor do we have products on sale to support our R&D. Trading corporations and academia have big budgets to be able to apply for Horizon 2020 or Dti funding, build consortiums and the like - all of which sap our time and resources, for an also-ran "thank you for applying, but you have been unsuccessful on this occasion" return. We will not be treading that path again.


What policy makers may not appreciate is that if funding is not achieved, there might not be a next time. Indeed, without funding the Foundation may not be around for long enough with the present team, to be able to conduct this research and develop any kind of water cleaning vessel, where such a thing does not at present exist.


The oceans will get more clogged up with plastic and the fish stocks will continue to reduce. Aquaculture, at the moment seen as a food security stop-gap, is largely based on fish feed and many species, such as salmon, are in any event farmed in the ocean where toxins are rife, so producing carcinogen contaminated fish.


Where the world situation is rapidly becoming desperate, we are open to any offers of help, provided that the terms of support are reasonable.


If you are interested in becoming a named supporter, such as a research partner, development associate, materials or parts supplier, or any other form of sponsor, please contact us to discuss your interest.


However it is that you may be thinking of supporting this vital research, thank you all in advance for caring about our oceans.



Please make cheques payable to: Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd and post to:


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