Nearly all navies of the world openly discriminate in one way or another, denying equal opportunities across the board. Instead of wasting resources on maintaining aggressive machinery and training troops for combat, we might be better off working toward outlawing weapons that are designed to take human life.




Navies are some of the biggest polluters of our oceans in the quest to maintain geographical boundaries and political ranking for their administration. Maintaining security at sea in the traditional ways is an expensive and ultimately unsustainable drain on any nation in times of peace, making munitions a priority over other important issues like poverty, climate change and food security. The money spent on developing weapons could be better spent on technology aimed at a circular economy, where at the moment executives of munitions companies get rich at the expense of the working class population, representing a drain on resources.


Reducing peacetime costs as we strive for circular economies is the real struggle. A well thought out plan to provide energy and food to all nations, together with tolerance and a better understanding of our neighbour's customs and beliefs, will help to keep our blue planet safe. Such development relies on all nations abandoning (empire) expansion agendas and recognizing geographical sovereignty. One day notional borders might become a thing of the past, but for now we need to act in good faith with high hopes for a better future.


The Cleaner Ocean Foundation is unable to work on technology development with any organization that overtly or covertly operates discriminatory policies in terms of employment, gender and faith. Inevitably, virtually all such security agencies conduct themselves in such fashion to some extent in violation of United Nations Article 2 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The Foundation is able to work with the United Nations and other peace keeping organization in terms of operations to combat acts of piracy and pirate fishing limited to sharing information collected at sea.





HMS Queen Elizabeth



HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH - Dinosaurs, relics of world war conflicts in less enlightened times. These ocean monstrosities run on dirty nuclear power, a pollution legacy that we will leave to our children to deal with. All the while according pomp and ceremony to the build and launch of such behemoths. That is like celebrating smoking, ignoring that we will die of cancer for being so reckless.













CLIMATE CHANGEWarships of any kind contribute to global warming. Navies, armies and air forces consider themselves exempt from being accountable when burning fossil fuels during operations in times of peace.





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