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We Are the Ocean were a four-piece English rock band from Loughton, Essex, consisting guitarist, vocalist Liam Cromby, bass guitarist Jack Spence, guitarist Alfie Scully and drummer Tom Whittaker. Vocalist Dan Brown left the band in 2012. They are signed to Hassle Records in the United Kingdom and SideOneDummy Records in the United States.

Over the course of their career they have released four albums: Cutting Our Teeth in 2010, Go Now and Live in 2011, Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow in 2012, and Ark in 2015.


The theme is somewhat confusing, with their name and website making reference to ocean issues, while their music appears not to fit with what they may be trying to achieve as a band seeking to draw attention to conservation issues, if we are reading it right. There may be some confusion over names with the musical band and another organization with a similar name reported in other media.





According to edie.insight WATO - We Are The Oceans were a global not-for-profit collective utilising music, video games and social media campaigns to capture the hearts and minds of millenials in tackling the issue of ocean plastic waste. WATO was using gamification - the concept of using a game or fun activity to educate and engage people in areas outside their usual interests - for the Big Catch game.  in less than a month, more than three million players had interacted with the game, while more than seven million people were reached through social media. The website attached was a dead link @ 28-6-18 - https://watoceans.org/



BAND HISTORY - Formation and self-titled debut EP (20072008)

Dan Brown and Jack Spence were formerly in a band named Dead But Still Dreaming, and when they disbanded they set about finding new members for a new band. They had formed a full line-up again by 2007 with Liam Cromby, Rickie Bloom and Tom Whittaker, and still under the original name of Dead But Still Dreaming. After a while, Bloom left the band and was eventually replaced by Alfie Scully. Shortly after the creation of this solid line-up, the band decided on a new start with the name We Are The Ocean.

The band quickly shot to prominence thanks mainly to MySpace and were nominated for Kerrang! Best British Newcomer and voted K! Readers Poll 2nd best unsigned UK band. They released their debut EP entitled We Are The Ocean in 2008, selling 1000 limited edition copies in 1 day.



Cutting Our Teeth and subsequent touring (20082010)

We Are The Ocean had an extensive tour history, having toured all over the UK, Europe, the US and Australia. They have played countless festivals, including the main stage at Reading and Leeds Festival, Download Festival, and are one of the few UK bands invited to play Bamboozle festival in New Jersey, USA, one of the largest alternative/punk festivals in the world.

We Are The Ocean started writing material for their debut album around December 2008. The album was produced by Brian McTernan (Thrice, The Bled, Converge) at Salad Days Studio in Baltimore, USA. They were originally aiming for a Summer 2009 release but for unknown reasons the album release date was delayed many times. Pushing back to November, then pushed back again to 25 January 2010, and finally pushed back to 1 February 2010.

The band re-released Cutting Our Teeth in October 2010 as a deluxe edition with a second disc, featuring the highly sought limited edition EP, and four unheard tracks. The re-release has received positive feedback from critics.





Departure of Dan Brown and Maybe Today, Maybe Tomorrow (20112013)

We Are The Ocean recorded their second album, titled Go Now and Live, with Pete Miles (The King Blues, Canterbury). The album's singles "What It Feels Like", "The Waiting Room" and "Runaway" were all playlisted on Radio 1, and received heavy rotation on many radio and television stations. The album reached number 45 in the chart in its first week.

On 1 March 2012, We Are the Ocean released that they will be entering the studio in May to record their third full-length album. On 5 June 2012, it was announced on their Facebook page that the band had parted ways with frontman Dan Brown, who would instead be pursuing a career as a band manager. Cromby will now be the primary vocalist. Brown later revealed in an interview with RockSound magazine that his former band mates had fired him from We Are the Ocean due to the belief that he was no longer making a significant contribution to the creative process of writing the new album. Although the remaining members of We Are the Ocean requested that Brown remain as their manager, he declined. Their third studio album Maybe today, Maybe Tomorrow was released in the UK on 17 September 2012.

On 30 March 2013 We Are The Ocean performed at Radstock Festival.



Ark and disbandment (20142017)

With new management now on board, the band recorded their fourth album, titled ARK, in the summer of 2014 and released an eponymous teaser single at the end of the year. They recorded a BBC Live Lounge session, playing an acoustic version of the track and a cover of London Grammar's 'Hey Now' which led to BMG/Infectious signing the band. ARK was released on 11 May 2015.

After embarking on and finishing a tour to support their new album, updates on future endeavours became rare. In early 2016, the band was dropped by their label for undisclosed reasons. Later that year, they asked for pictures from past concerts on Facebook. On 18 January 2017, We Are The Ocean announced their disbandment and a farewell tour through Europe in February and March.



BAND MEMBERS - Former members

Dan Brown lead vocals (20072012)
Liam Cromby lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano (20072017)
Alfie Scully lead guitar, vocals (20072017)
Jack Spence bass guitar, backing vocals (20072017)
Tom Whittaker drums, percussion (20072017)




"Save Me! Said the Saviour" (2007)
"Nothing Good Has Happened Yet" (2008)
"Welcome To My Broken Home"
"Look Alive" (2009)
"All of This Has to End" (2010)
"These Days I Have Nothing" (2010)
"Lucky Ones" (2010)
"Waiting Room" (2011)
"Runaway" (2011)
"What It Feels Like" (2011)
"Overtime Is a Crime" (2011)
"The Road" (2012)
"Young Heart" (2012)
"Machine" (17 April 2013)
"Chin Up, Son" (5 September 2013)
"Holy Fire" (2015)
"Do It Together" (2015)
"Good For You" (2015)
"Hey Now" (2015)
"The Pretender (Foo Fighters cover)" (2015)













SINGLE USE PLASTICSThis is just a small sample of the plastic packaging that you will find in retails stores all over the world. A good proportion of this packaging - around 8 millions tons a year, will end up in our oceans, in the gut of the fish we eat, in the stomachs of seabirds and in the intestines of whales and other marine mammals. Copyright photograph 22-7-17 Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd, all rights reserved.





FOAM & BOTTLESExpanded polystyrene is used to package household electrical goods, while soft drinks and water is sold in PET plastic bottles by the billions every year. The numbers are staggering. It's no wonder then that some of this plastic will end up on our plate in one form or another, potentially as a toxin carrier. Copyright photograph 22-7-17 Cleaner Ocean Foundation Ltd, all rights reserved. Animals do not recognize polystyrene foam as an artificial material and may even mistake it for food. Polystyrene foam blows in the wind and floats on water, due to its low specific gravity. It can have serious effects on the health of birds or marine animals that swallow significant quantities.











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