WHALECOME!  This website is ALL ABOUT BLUE GROWTH. Our Foundation is dedicated to the concept of a blue economy, aiming at a sustainable future world with food security and clean energy abundance for all regardless of geographical or political boundaries.




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ART TO THE RESCUE - We tried hard to obtain funding for SeaVax development 3 times, filling in reams of forms for nothing. We are now hoping to be able to produce and publish a graphic novel, where the profits will go to further our research and ocean awareness ambitions. We need to fund the artwork, printing and distribution of this novel to make that happen. Please click on the cover to see how this artwork was created.




Unfortunately, these concepts run counter to what is happening - and continues to happen today, despite our best efforts. Food is becoming more scarce and the climate continues to heat up as the powerful continue to "fiddle while Rome burns."


So far, space exploration has shown us that we cannot escape to another planet. We are on a crash course - inevitably leading to more deserts, sea level and temperature increases - and so human suffering on an unprecedented scale - as a looming prospect.


The latest study published in August 2020, confirms our belief that we must target the source of plastic pollution, such as rivers, product packaging and recycling - in addition to efforts to clean up plastic in the ocean - and especially nets that are strangling defenseless whales. Unfortunately, present policies have stymied SeaVax development, now effectively on ice after 3 H2020 funding applications cost us roughly £30k loss. Presumably, the EC have suitable alternatives!


WHALE HUNTING - We are concerned that with pressure for food rising that whales will once again become targets, to be hunted to extinction. Whales are still endangered. Hunger will see to that, humans will even eat each other in times of crisis, resorting to cannibalism to survive. Hence, it will not bother the starving that they are eating endangered species.


Food for thought! Or, we could end it all humanely with a thermonuclear strike - in the interests of preserving many of the species that we are exterminating with present policies. Sadly, humans are not that brave. Humans are greedy political cannibals, and extremely unstable when their toys are threatened.


The COP OUT 25 confirms that powerful world leaders are not listening, no matter how much marching climate unrest provokes, or how serious the bushfire problem in Australia on California. We need something more persuasive such as international legislation to make harming the planet a criminal offence with harsh penalties. Or, we could stop paying taxes as conscientious objectors, for without our money to pay for their agendas, the so-called elected guardians would be as powerless as the rest of us.


Fingers crossed for common sense in 2021 and substantial change.



Politicians are so into plastic that they are blind to the pollution that is poisoning our oceans



ABOUT OUR BLUE GROWTH A-Z  - We are one of literally hundreds of concerns doing their best to promote Blue Growth around the world, with a target Circular Economy firmly embedded as the driver. We hope to be able to contribute, where we say what others are thinking - but will not print!




WILDLIFE IN TROUBLE - We took over the SeaVax project from Bluebird Marine to add to our other projects to help combat plastic in our oceans. We are not supported by any Government or Non-Governmental initiatives, grants or other contributions such as the G7 Challenge or Horizon 2020 calls for proposals, mainly because we know from previous H2020 applications that these calls and challenges would most likely preclude us, or are so expensive to apply for that we could not afford to take the chance and waste our limited resources in applying. We are thus working on crowd funding stages that we will release in advance of any previous call for project funding being near to completion. As and when we succeed with the targets that we set ourselves, it will not be because of any politician that you have voted for, it will be because you decided to cut out the middle man and contribute to our work directly. Please only give what you can afford, just as our volunteers only work as and when they can.



A VAST RESOURCE - The ocean is a vast underutilized resource in terms of energy generation now over fished to to the point of stagnation to feed a growing world population as land is being absorbed to build on for housing and factories, so reducing agricultural potential. In short, we are exhausting our natural resources in order of ease - for maximum profits - a short term strategy. But what about tomorrow?


The use of single use plastic for packaging is just one horrifying example of major stakeholders using the most convenient means to get their product to market, while ocean literate policy makers watch marine life suffer as they grapple with ways to juggle economics and morals.


We will be focusing our attentions on areas of the most environmental value, in the hope of divining a path to sustainable blue growth. You may appreciate that harmful exploitation of the sea is to be addressed and discouraged in favour of a circular economy:



* Autonomous Surveying

* Aquaculture

* Biomedicines & biotechnology
* Coastal Tourism

* Communications - cables, pipes routes surveys

* Fishing - Enforcing limits, reducing by-catch

* Green Ships, cruising & cargo

* Harbour development
* Marine Environmental Monitoring



* Marine Innovation

* Marine Research & Development

* Ocean Energy - Tidal, Wave & Wind
* Oil & gas  (intelligent reductions)

* Persistent Monitoring, satellites, drones

* Satellite ocean monitoring - Satellites

* Seabed Mining - (halting harmful methods)

Water treatment, waste, ocean pollution
* Work at sea conditions



Zero emission scientific research vessel: Pilot SeaVax Copyright December 22 2019. All rights reserved


PERSISTENT MONITORINGMachines like the Pilot SeaVax concept above provide sufficient energy to sample the marine environment continuously, also able to transport the sensors and sampling equipment anywhere in the world without using fossil fuels. We applied for funding in 2017 to build a simpler version of this machine, and again in 2020 to build this prototype with more frills and whistles, but were turned down on both occasions.


The head of the proposed machine can be raised out of the water during transit, and lowered to 8 meters to sample microplastics on the seafloor or riverbeds. It is possible to design a head to travel to greater depths, but this will require additional R&D. Without funding it is just historical proof that the establishment don't give a fig.


Although we have shown this equipment as part of the Pilot concept, once completed, heads like this could have been fitted to other suitably equipped research vessels. Again, without funding it is just us showing the world what might have been.



If the UK plastic bag tax from supermarkets were to be diverted to ocean cleaning research, we'd be funded overnight. Sadly, the 5p charge goes to all kinds of other good causes : ( 


A missed opportunity on the part of the legislature for sure - underscoring the incompetence of past Governments, seeking headlines rather than solutions. Why not tax cigarette butts and give the money raised to knitting classes, instead of cancer research. Politicians!





1. TRANSPORT: Phase out polluting vehicles. Governments aims to end the sale of new petrol, and diesel vehicles by 2040 but have no infrastructure plan to support such ambition. Marine transport can be carbon neutral.


2. RENEWABLESRenewable energy should replace carbon-based fuels (coal, oil and gas) in our electricity, heating and transport.


3. HOUSING: On site micro or macro generation is the best option, starting with new build homes.


4. AGRICULTURE: We need trees to absorb carbon emissions from a growing population, flying, and to build new homes. Reducing food waste and promoting less energy intensive eating habits such as no meat Mondays.


5. INDUSTRY: Factories should be aiming for solar heating and onsite renewable energy generation.


6. POLITICS: - National governing bodies need to adopt rules to eliminate administrative wastages, to include scaling down spending on war machines, educating the public and supporting sustainable social policies that mesh with other cultures.




GRETA THUNBERG - is a Swedish climate activist. At the COP24 climate talks in Poland, Decembel 2018, Miss Thunberg addressed the Secretary-General of the United Nations. She received a standing ovation for one of her talks. She is behind the global school strike created to call attention to climate change. She is a rebel. With a cause. Thunberg is 15 and autistic and the newest, youngest and most powerful voice on the world stage demanding the world address global warming. Go Greta!



'Blue Growth' success, like any tall structure, depends on solid foundations. At the moment the ecological foundations of our oceans are crumbling from man-made pollution, to include plastic, chemical spills and acidification. The tragedy that was Deepwater Horizon is just one of a long list of examples of what poor management, focused only on short term profits will achieve.


We need to start thinking long-term with an emphasis on "planning" for a sustainable future rather than trying to fix our foul ups retrospectively. We are the only organization developing a system that removes micro plastics without harming marine organisms. We are also experimenting with zero carbon hulls that could pave the way for pollution free shipping of the future.


Thank you for taking the time to read this page. Please pass on the message that we need to act and act quickly - before it is too late!





ALL FISHED OUT - A recent United Nations study reported that more than two-thirds of the world's fisheries have collapsed or are currently being over fished. Much of the remaining one third is in a state of decline due to habitat degradation from pollution and climate change. Escalating amounts of point and non-point pollution continue to threaten water quality and fish habitat. Yet, the human population consumes over 100 million metric tons of fish annually and more than 25% of the world’s dietary protein is provided by fish.






Can we feed the world using aquaculture?


DWINDLING FISH STOCKS - Food security is a major problem the world will have to face as the available land for to grow crops reduces in competition with land for housing, as the population expands. The situation is far from sustainable and a bubble that will burst. When the bubble bursts it will cause the deaths of millions of people, where additional farming will create more carbon dioxide to heat the climate, making more land barren in a vicious circle that we must take steps to prevent happening.


Around 10% of the world (700,000,000 million people) rely on the ocean for food, but in addition to our poor land management record, we are also polluting the seven seas with plastic that is toxic - so reducing the number of fish that we might harvest for food. Aquaculture, is seen as the savior for fish supply, but fish farming is dependent on ocean and land derived feeds, hence is more of an icing quick fix than a really tasty cake. 




SeaVax blue growth ocean cleaning technology


OCEAN CONDITIONER - This vessel is designed to operate in fleets to target sea-borne waste before it settles on the ocean floor where nobody can recover it. There is nothing like it in existence today, though thankfully, other ideas for trapping plastic waste are being developed in tandem, such as that of Boyan Slat and the Seabin.


We hope to be able to continue with our research and development of SeaVax so that if we are unable to manufacture them ourselves that third party operators may do so with the support of continued R&D and other technical backup. To this end we are continuing to improve our facilities for the next round of experiments through 2018.



SPONSORS: This website is sponsored by the Cleaner Ocean Foundation, Climate Change Trust, Bluebird Marine Systems (who were funded by Avaaz in 2016) and many other contributors too many to mention here. Collectively, our supporters are dedicated to growing the blue economy for the good of mankind and for our children who will inherit what we leave behind. If there is anything left to leave them! Indeed, that is the issue.


Danate to ocean awareness and conservation research


Help us to make a difference on a wide variety of subjects that matter. Just the price of a cup of coffee could be the difference between an action agenda and inaction by politicians. Please help by giving what you can comfortably afford to allow us to continue to at least lobby for change and provide our free educational resources.




BLOCKER - The opposite of blue growth and something that is a serious menace is the accumulating mountain of toxic plastic under the sea where we cannot see it. The only evidence of this for landlubbers is coastal pollution on our shores that we only see on holiday and in the occasional media article and soon forget as we return to our office desks and factories. In the main these are single use plastics made for our short term convenience - without regard to the long term consequences.









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